Kids World Pre School -aminjikarai

About Us!

KIDS WORLD is a unit of PAGC ,a premier institute in Nerul ,Navi Mumbai for professional Guidance in the field of Education ,Personality Development ,Imbibing Self –Confidence and helping people discover their innate potentials.PAGC’S firm belief ...

A Complete ‘Fun Centre'

KIDS WORLD is a complete ‘Fun Centre ‘, for Kids ,as they Explore ,Discover ,and Learn .They are given ample opportunities to devevlop and enhance physical , language ,emotional ,social and moral skills.Kids Wold is a learning centre ,where every ...

Our Play Group ,Nursery & Kindergarten

Highly structured rooms designed to facilitate interactive learning .Well trained and affectionate staff allows the children to learn as they explore.

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Resources - Preschools | 2-4y

Kids World Pre School -aminjikarai

Kids World Pre School -Aminjikarai, Kids World Pre School -AminjikaraiKids World Pre School -Aminjikarai