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KIDS PARADISE is a Pre-school, Daycare and an Activity Centre. The journey of Kids Paradise began in 2001 as an independent institution by an experienced educationist Mrs. SWARNALATHA.B. Kids Paradise is in spacious, colourful and fun filled envi...

Our Facilities

For each age group Exclusive Class Rooms are available with all resources, activities, food and rest so as to gear up your child’s developmental needs and interests at that age. Huge range of fun activities to suit all ages and interests, are base...

Our Program

⦿ Pre-Nursery/Play-Group ⦿ Nursery ⦿ LKG ⦿ UKG ⦿ Day Care

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Resources - Preschools | 1-6y

Kids Paradise

Kids Paradise, Kids ParadiseKids Paradise
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