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Kid-friendly Lunch Box Ideas


*Tick tock* *tick tock*

The alarm has been sounded and it’s the beginning of a new school day for your child. You wake up, brush your teeth and walk straight to the kitchen. You make some hot filter coffee for yourself and your spouse and then the big question arises – what do I cook for lunch? The good ol’ idly and dosa will suffice for breakfast, but what about lunch for your little ones?

An article published in bbcgoodfood states, “Lunch is an important point in the school day and should provide at least a third of your child’s daily requirements – without it youngsters struggle to concentrate in the afternoon. Pack plenty of sustaining, nutritious options to make the school day a productive one.” So, while the nutrition content is satisfied, how do you get your children to eat it? After all, anything nutritious is misunderstood to be distasteful.

Simple. You ensure that the food you pack is nutritious, but add a twist to it by presenting it beautifully. That way it is a win-win situation for you and the kids.

For interesting and fun kid-friendly lunchbox ideas, please go through the ClipBook below. Your kids are sure to enjoy their lunch period now! 


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