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Keeping Healthy During Exams


Exam season is here. Late-night studies, anxiety over achieving good marks, fear of falling ill during this crucial time – all come together to add to the woes of the already nervous students and parents. Exam time is usually a stressful period that can lead to students focusing entirely on their studies while disregarding their health.

So, it’s easy to let unhealthy habits control us during this stressful time. But making the effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle will help your teens to keep their stress levels in control and give their best shot for the exams.

It is important to note that one should stay healthy not just during the exams but all through the year. Eating right and at the right time, plays a big part in children staying healthy. It’s tempting for students to reach for quick and unhealthy snacks to see them through exams, but they’ll find it much easier to concentrate if they eat nutritious meals and healthy snacks.

Apart from food, children should also follow certain tips (mentioned in this ClipBook) to stay healthy. Avoiding junk food, staying hydrated, and loading up on nutrients are some helpful ones. 

By now, you must be curious to know more. Just flip through the pages of this ClipBook and rest assured, it will be a ‘healthy’ exam season for your little one. All the best for the exams!

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