Keep Kids Safe

Preventing Burns And Scalds In Children | Make Safe Happen

Burns and scalds in children can leave lasting and painful effects, yet many children are accidentally burned each year. Find out what you can do to keep children safe.

Preventing Tv & Furniture Tip-Overs | Make Safe Happen

Children 5 and under are at higher risk for TV tip-overs. There are simple and low-cost ways you can keep curious kids safe from this potential hazard.

Choking Prevention For Children | Make Safe Happen

One way children explore the world is by putting objects into their mouths. But not all objects are safe. Read the tips on choking prevention for children.

Choosing Safe Toys | Make Safe Happen

Toys are a big part of your child’s life and development. Learn more about choosing safe toys.

Medicine Safety | Make Safe Happen

Protect your child from getting into medicine, and from being given too much. Medicine safety starts by following these tips.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning | Make Safe Happen

Thousands of children each year are poisoned by carbon monoxide—usually in their own homes. There are steps you can take to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Preventing Kids From Swallowing Button Batteries | Make Safe Happen

With so many battery-powered toys and devices, preventing kids from swallowing button batteries is crucial. Keep batteries where they belong with these tips.

Children And Fire Safety | Make Safe Happen

Teaching your children about fire safety is a good way to prevent a home fire. Install smoke alarms, have an escape plan, and know the dangers.

Family Fire Escape Planning | Make Safe Happen

Each year, almost 300 children die in home fires. Having a family fire escape plan can teach kids the fastest and safest way out of the home in case of an emergency.

Stair Safety For Kids | Make Safe Happen

A fall down a flight of stairs can lead to serious injuries. Start practicing stair safety for kids and protect them from dangerous falls.

Bathtub Safety For Children | Make Safe Happen

Children should never be left unattended in or around water. Even inside your home, bathtub safety for children should be a top priority

Window Safety | Make Safe Happen

Falls from windows cause more serious injuries than other falls. Install the right locks and guards, and always teach children about window safety.

Driveway Safety | Make Safe Happen

Every year, 92,000 children are treated for injuries that happen in or around cars. Practicing driveway safety can help lower this number.

Pool Safety For Kids | Make Safe Happen

Pool owners and swimmers should always practice pool safety for kids. Drowning can happen suddenly and quietly, so keep a watchful eye on kids.

Bicycle Safety For Kids | Make Safe Happen

Riding bikes can be a great way to get kids outside and exercising. But in order to be safe, you have to practice bicycle safety for kids.

Bounce House Safety Tips | Make Safe Happen

Bounce house injuries are far too common. But children can still enjoy these inflatable favorites by following these bounce house safety tips.

Child Car Seat Safety | Make Safe Happen

Car seats are not one–size-fits-all. Knowing and following proper car seat safety tips, will keep kids safe when you’re on the road.

Preventing Heatstroke In Cars | Make Safe Happen

It only takes a few minutes for a child to become dangerously overheated. Preventing heatstroke in cars begins with staying aware and knowing the risks.

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Keep Kids Safe

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It takes only a split second for accidents to happen in the house. These are mostly preventable. Here'what you can do to make your home safe