Karma Stories

Karmic Trail And Psychic Imprints

Numerous types of karma according to Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism can be catalogued into physical, verbal, and mental. Strange are the ways of Karma. The more you understand it, the more amazed you become.

Good Karma

You have to make deposits before you can make withdrawals. Do good for others and good may happen to you.

10 Incredible True Stories That'll Make You Think Karma Is Real

Karma cuts across all logic and reasoning. All the struggles in the world, whatever it may be, are the bondage of Karma. This understanding will lift you from getting stuck to events and personalities and help you in your journey to the Self.

Everything You Thought You Knew Explained

Sadhguru says, karma is not about something good or bad that you did. Karma is the memory of life.

Working Out Karma

Your fate is never truly set! You are constantly changing your world, little by little. Learn how to get a handle on things.

Brutal Karma Caught On Video

Instant karma compilation!

Death, Karma And Reincarnation Revealed

We've all been curious at some point.

Fate Vs Karma

Fate and Karma are two different things. Fate is destiny, you have no control over it. Karma is a choice. You get what you give!

Karmic Connections

Wounds that are invisible are utterly emotional. Rather than allowing relationships to replay all our battles again and again and letting our demons surface, we must take a good look at why these feelings of resentment and bitterness are simmering...

Karma Quotes

"Keep calm and let karma finish it"

The End

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Karma Stories

siva sembiansiva sembian
As you sow, so shall you reap! Every time we think or do something, we create a cause, which in time will bear its corresponding effects.