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Kanchana Paati

About Us: The first and best choice of a child care for any parent is their mother's place, a Grandma's Place for the Child. In a Grandma's Place, a child is assured of unconditional love, patience in guiding and grooming, a safe and hygienic envi...

Features & Ambience

Features: ⦿ 8th year of Operations - Since 2006 ⦿ 8am to 8pm operations( 12 hours service) ,6 Days a week. ( Sat until 5pm ) ⦿ 91st Day onwards until 14 years ⦿ Grandmotherly Approach - Unconditional Love, Patience, Fresh and Nutritious food, Gran...

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Kanchana Paati - Nungambakkam

Kanchanapaati My Grandma's Place - Nunga, Kanchanapaati My Grandma'S Place - NungaKanchanapaati My Grandma's Place - Nunga
My Grandma's Place.