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Kamcrewz Academy Of Dance : More than 13 years of successful journey, We believe in celebrating life with joy and passion. Kamcrewz promises to open up the new dimensions of entertainment in your life. "Your passion can be your career"; we believ...

About The Founder

P Kamalesh is a popular singer and teleserial artist from South India. He has made many performances in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada serial industry. Kamalesh was born and brought up in Chennai. He has studied classical music even from his childhood...

Kamcrewz Academy Of Dance In Shock 2011

Kamcrewz won 3rd Place at SHOCK 2011. The stage was set ablaze with this brilliant surprise package at Chennai's best platform for dance.

Kamcrewz - 2015 Dance Show

Click and view the video to know more about public opinion about Kamcrewz.

Kamcrewz Academy Of Dance In Shock 2012

Kamcrewz Academy of Dance performance in SHOCK 2012 winning the 2nd place at the competition. Entertaining with the Talent that holds us together we proved again to be worthy of the title.

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Kamcrewz Academy Of Dance - Pallikaranai

Kamcrewz Academy Of Dance - Pallikaranai, Kamcrewz Academy Of Dance - PallikaranaiKamcrewz Academy Of Dance - Pallikaranai