Kala Sadhanalaya

Kala Sadhanalaya

Revathis’ quest for excellence resulted in Kala Sadhanalaya. Founded in 1987, the school has grown in number, and in talent, training dancers from across the seas as well. The students of the institution are trained in Purna Vidya (a study of the...

The Institution Provides :-

*Training in Bharathanatyam *Training in Suddhanrittam- the temple dance form revived by Guru Mangudi Dorairaja Iyer. *Theme - based Choreography. *Solo & Group presentations. *Lecture ,demonstrations and workshops in Bharathanatyam &Suddha Nritta...

Poorna Vidya Programme !

The poorna Vidya teaching programme is the first attempt of its kind to impart values and cultural education to children. Under the benevolent guidance of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, the Programme has been designed by his disciples, Swamini ...

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Contact person - Manasvini Contact No - 9940646404 Contact Address - New no 80, Old no 196 A, St. Mary's Road,, Abiramapuram,, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

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Kala Sadhanalaya

Kala Sadhanalaya, Kala SadhanalayaKala Sadhanalaya
Here is the dance school to establish and nourish the young talent towards the sublime heights of Bharathanatyam.