Jbs Academy Of Music

Jbs Academy Of Music

JBS Academy of Music is for those who are looking for a program that takes them through a course of systematic, graded lessons; from beginners to those looking to upgrade their skills.JBS Academy of Music employs the best of the teaching faculty a...

Twelve Benefits Of Music Education

Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. It is thought that brain development continues for many years after birth. Recent studies have clearly indicated that musical training physically develops the par...

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JBS Academy of Music is located in Anna Nagar, near Chinthamani. The Academy is spread over 2000 sq. ft. area with separate air conditioned class rooms for each instrument.JBS Academy of Music is affiliated to the Trinity College of Music London a...

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Jbs Academy Of Music

JBS Academy Of Music, Jbs Academy Of MusicJBS Academy Of Music