Jail Yoga Progam - Improve Parenting

How An Innovative Jail Yoga Program Helped Inmates Improve Their Parenting

Before he was sent to jail, Michael Gutierrez would drive the two hours to visit his 5-year-old son without a license, usually high on meth. But he didn’t go very often. He was homeless, living on friend’s couches. By the time he started serving h...

The Prison Yoga Project

Our mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness into American prisons. We are a non-profit organization operating under the fiscal sponsorship of Give Back Yoga Foundation, a 501c3 corporation.

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The statistics are alarming: today, 2.25 million men and women – 1 in 100 adults – are in U.S. prisons. 1 in 31 adults, or 7.3 million Americans, are under some sort of correctional supervision. And 60% of released prisoners will return to prison ...

Jail Yoga Program Expansion Part 2 - Additional Classes Including Our First Men's Class!

On April 20, 2015 the Dekalb County Jail kicked off a pilot program for the female inmates in general population. The 8-week pilot program offered various courses including Writing, Brain Games, Reading Circle, How to… (Life Skills), Logic Skills ...

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Jail Yoga Progam - Improve Parenting

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How an innovative jail yoga program helped inmates improve their parenting