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It's Time To Talk About Autism

The Art of Autism, The Art Of AutismThe Art of Autism

It is difficult for a common man to understand autism. Most people think that autism is a mental disorder. Because of their wrong perception of autism, people have difficulty understanding the needs and problems of autistic children. As a result, the society tends to disassociate itself from autistic children, and autistic children and their families don’t receive the kind of support and help they require.

As the number of autistic children is increasing, it’s time for the world to understand what autism really is. Children born with autism have diverse neurological conditions, which differentiates them from the general population. Autistic children have normal or even above normal level of intelligence. But as autism affects the social skills, children with autism find it difficult to interact and integrate themselves with others around them. But display of such behaviour does not mean that children with autism are intellectually disabled. The article ‘A Sibling Shares Her Story Of Love For Her Brother With Autism’ written by ary Ann LaRoche in shares a sibling’s experience. The article says, ‘Even today with autism awareness, media attention, and the high number of children being diagnosed, siblings and families still receive stares and comments when the sounds of loud monotone moans or high pitched screaming emits from the vocalizations and flailings of a child with autism. Of course not all individuals with autism express themselves in this manner. Those who behave this way do so because they may not have language and this is the way they can communicate’.

As parents, it is our duty to understand and teach our children how we can help children with autism become a part of the society instead of avoiding them.

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Please Don’T Call Me A Warrior Mom

My life is not a war. My son’s life is not a battleground. At the risk of offending my fellow autism moms, I must confess I cringe whenever anyone refers to me as a warrior mom. I know it’s meant as a badge of honor.

Is Autism Contagious? Questions Students Ask

“Kevin is nine years old,” I said. “I don’t think he’d understand if I explained it to him.” “It’s important you tell him,” she responded. “He needs to know why he’s different.” This was a time when Kevin came home every day from school crying.

Autistic People Don’T Belong In Jails And Prisons

Experts conducted for the reports state “the misuse of force against prisoners with mental health problems is widespread and may be increasing.”

The Power Of Expectations

Kevin is a fine young man. Some of those struggles he’s experienced in the past have been because of the negativity of teachers who don’t want kids like Kevin in their class and/or a parent who has high expectations for their child.

My Two Kids: Wonderful And #Autistic

Imagine a life where the sun off the snow seems too bright.<br>Where the noise of the radio makes you shudder rather than dance.<br>Where the taste of chocolate makes you gag rather then exclaim in delight.<br>Imagine the hug of a loved one makes ...

A Sibling Shares Her Story Of Love For Her Brother With Autism

Being an older sibling of Paul Foti, a person with autism, greatly influenced my life as a child and still does to this day.

The Power Of Visioning

Last year while attending a College Success class at Santa Barbara City College, Kevin was taught success equals vision plus action. He was asked to write his goals which included where he wanted to live, what he wanted to do, and how he visioned ...

Why Do People Talk To Autistic Adults And Children Like They Are Infants

“I do mind if someone starts taking to me like if I was 2 years old when they find out I have autism… Soo annoying...Yes I have autism, but I also have a 4.0 in University. Just because we have autism does not make us stupid.

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