It's Storytime! - Part I

The Magic Tree - Showing Respect Rewards You

A long, long time ago a little boy was walking through a park. In the middle of the park there was a tree with a sign on it. The sign said "I am a magic tree. Say the magic words and you will see." The boy tried to guess the magic words. He tried ...

The Sword Of Peace - Stop War, Spread Peace!

Once upon a time there was a precious sword. Now, this sword belonged to a great King, and for as long as anyone could remember, the King spent all his time in his palace, enjoying his shows and parties. One day a great dispute broke out between t...

The Ticklish Kid - Accept Yourself As You Are

Pete Sparks was a sensitive boy. So sensitive that even his hair was ticklish. You only had to touch his hair a little bit and he would burst out laughing. And when this ticklish laughter started, no one could make him stop. So Pete grew up used t...

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Parenting - values | 5-16y

It's Storytime! - Part I

Sharadha RamanathanSharadha Ramanathan
A selected collection of heartwarming non-preachy value-based short stories by the famous author Pedro Pablo Sacristan!