It's All About Data!

Power Of Data Digitisation | Report Bee Blog

I recently went for an eye check-up to a well-known hospital. At the same place, eight years ago, there was another eye hospital where I had gone for a check-up and got a prescription for my glasses. By this time, a new management had taken over t...

Birth Of A Particular Visual Presentation Of Data | Report Bee Blog

WEDNESDAY, March 27 (HealthDay News) -- Parents often worry when their child, especially a son, is much shorter than average. But as long as there is no medical cause, parents can rest easy, experts say. Writing in the March 28 New England Journal...

How To Tell A Story With Data

An excellent visualization, according to Edward Tufte, expresses “complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency.” I would add that an excellent visualization also tells a story through the graphical depiction of statistical inf...

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It's All About Data!

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Data Visualization provides an overview of how it can be used to improve business insights and decision-making around large sets of data.