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Is Your Teen Under Peer Pressure?


The greatest fear people live in is the fear of what other people think of them.

Peer pressure refers to the influence that the people in your son’s circle of friends and acquaintances have on him. Peer pressure can lead your son to make the wrong choices: It is the twenty first century and peer pressure among teens is inevitable. Teach your son to equip himself for the tough phase that he will come across.

“Usually the term peer pressure refers to socially undesirable behaviors, such as experimentation with alcohol and drug use, rather than socially desirable behaviors, such as academic success,” writes Dr. Elizabeth Hartney in

Remember when you were a teen and raised your eyebrows every time you heard the phrase “positive criticism?” Well, there is something called positive peer pressure! It helps your son to develop socially and individually. Negative peer pressure, on the other hand, can make him a loner and alienate him from the family. It can also lead to depression.

There are seven signs of peer pressure that parents should look out for. What are these telltale signs? Is there a connection between peer pressure and bullying? What are the basics of peer pressure? If your teenager has friends that you don’t like, what do you do? What do you do if he hangs out with the wrong crowd? Are there any videos that can equip you to teach your teenager to resist peer pressure? All the information you need to responsibly guide your teenager is here in this carefully organized ClipBook. Rest assured that you will be able to better equip your son to overcome the challenges of peer pressure.

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What Is Peer Pressure?

Peers are people who are part of the same social group, so the term "peer pressure" refers to the influence that peers can have on each other. Although peer pressure does not necessarily have to be negative, the term "pressure" implies that the pr...

Positive And Negative Effects Of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is all about being accepted by the group. Just like adults, teens too get caught in the mesh of this urge to fit in. Peer pressure can be positive as well as negative. Read on to know more about the positive and negative effects of p...

Signs Your Teen Is Suffering From Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a problem that affects most youth to a degree. It can impact the way they dress, the choices they make, the music they listen to or the way they spend their time; but what happens when peer pressure takes its toll? Here are 7 sign...

Connection Between Peer Pressure And Bullying

Peer pressure is a strong force, especially when it relates to bullying. Learn how to help your kids cope with the pressure to bully others.

Peer Pressure May Lead To Wrong Choices

As one grows up, he or she comes under many kinds of external pressure or influences. Pressure from parents to do something or for that matter from the teachers, but the most influencing of all is the pressure that comes from the peer groups.

Help Your Teen Handle Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is an ever-growing part of middle and high school, and just about all teens will deal with it for better or worse at some point. For parents, it can be difficult to watch your child try to navigate these very unfamiliar waters...

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