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Is Your Teen Moody?

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The grunting replies, back lashing and door banging might have replaced the happy laughters, jolly conversations and light-hearted moments you used to share with your child. You might wonder, ‘what happened to my happy child?’ TEENAGE HAPPENED!

Moodiness and grumpiness are very common behaviours in a teenager and plague many parents’ peace, like yours. While most might regard this as just a phase, understanding your teen’s reasons for moodiness is important. Your teen being moody is much more than just his hormones. Teen brains also grow white matter in certain areas of the brain during this time, in the frontal lobe and the parietal lobe. These areas of the brain deal with many different processes, including reasoning, judgement, and impulse control. Basically, this growth greatly affects your child’s ability to control emotional impulses, thus resulting in moodiness.

Sometimes, it’s normal for you to connect moodiness with depression and worry about your teen’s mental health. 

An article in verywell clarifies, “A rule of thumb is that if the moodiness doesn't last long, it's probably normal. So if your teen has a bad night and is irritable but is good most of the week, it might be just temporary moodiness. Additionally, depression and other psychiatric disturbances have other signs other than just crankiness or moodiness, like weight loss or weight gain, sleep disturbances, withdrawal from friends and family, or talk of suicide.”

This ClipBook gives you immense details about teenage moodiness. To know more about how to deal with your moody teen, have a look through it.


Why Your Teenager Is Moody

Is your teen moody? If you laughed, you are truly a parent of a teen! Many parents complain about the rapid mood swings that their children have when they hit puberty. There are legitimate reasons that you have a moody teen and it's not just hormo...

Causes Of Your Teen's Moodiness

Dutch researchers found that teen boys between the ages of 13 and 16 actually had decreased levels of empathy, or the ability to understand and feel other people’s emotions and that it may have something to do with a teenager's moodiness.

Is Your Teen Just Moody Or Is It More Serious?

Teen depression is different. It’s a serious mood disorder that can last for weeks, months or longer. The teen can feel sadness, discouragement, despair or hopelessness, and it can interfere with participation in normal teen activities.

Things To Remember During The Moody Teen Years

Teenagers are more emotional than rational. The mood swings may have a biological base. Research now indicates that key parts of the brain related to integrating emotions with judgment are the last to develop.

When Should Parents Worry About Moody Teenagers?

Depression isn’t unusual during adolescence current estimates are 10-20%, compared to 3–7% among adults. However, the chances of recovery are good if your teenager is willing to talk to someone they feel they can trust.

How To Deal With Your Moody Teenager

When dealing with a moody teen, it's less important what you tell them than what you enable them to tell you that relieves and releases them from the hell they are living with inside themselves.

Tips For Dealing With Moody Teens

From highs to lows in no seconds flat, your teen’s mood swings can make it seem like you’re talking to a different person from one minute to the next. Read on for mom-suggested tips to deal with moody teens.

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