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Is Your Teen In A Relationship?

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Many parents will testify that feeling of how their child seemingly grew overnight. He’ll transform into a love-struck, giddy-eyed teenager, constantly doting over the person he is in a relationship with.

You knew it is bound to happen someday, you would have anticipated it, but you need to be mentally and emotionally ready to face it too.

Turning into a strict parent and imposing sudden curfews and regulations will only make your teen more rebellious. It is necessary that you are respectful of what he is feeling, at the same time ensuring he doesn’t go overboard. An article in Empowering Parents advises, “Finding a balance between supervising activities, while still allowing for a sort of emotional exploration, is a good approach to dealing with adolescent dating.”

However, it is your responsibility to talk to and educate your teen about dating, long before he even starts showing interest. “A naïve teen might imagine that having a boyfriend or girlfriend that rang them every minute of the day was romantic, and meant that they cared. They may also believe that abuse is only physical, so it is important to outline what they should expect when dating, and what is not appropriate,” says an article in TeenLife, while advising on how to help your teen recognise an unhealthy relationship.

Even though these teen relationships might not last long, you need to take it seriously and help your teen handle the roller coaster of emotions and hormones. Flip through this ClipBook for more insight on teen relationships.


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