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Is Your Child Home Alone?

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Neither is every 5-year-old is as smart as Kevin McCallister of the ‘Home Alone’ series nor are the real-world villains as funny. In a world where security is a cause for concern, it becomes difficult for parents to decide if leaving their child home alone is a right decision. Most parents consider the age of their child and their maturity before taking the decision to leave their child alone at home. In an article in the, Heather Thompson, child and family therapist, explains, ‘A lot of it has to do with personality. Some kids just come out anxious. But then there’s other children that feel capable. They’re very resilient’.

Although the practice of leaving a child alone at home is accepted as a sign of poor parenting, it is not always a bad idea. Leaving a child home alone provides him with an opportunity to learn to live independently, which is a part of the growing-up process. But before you decide to provide your child the opportunity to stay at home without supervision, make yourself aware of the laws and guidelines in this regard. Some countries have strict laws about the minimum age for leaving a child alone at home. Another important aspect to focus on before you leave your child alone at home is to make sure that you have prepared him well. Some of the things you should teach your child are: never play with dangerous items like knives or matches, never ever answer the front or the back door, and provide him with a list of phone numbers to call in case of an emergency.

It is a positive feeling for a child to understand that his parents trust him to stay home alone. Not only does it boost his confidence, but also teaches him how to be independent and responsible.

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