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Is Your Child Gifted?



Things To Know About Twice Exceptional Learner

Twice-exceptionality exists where the gifted population overlaps with the population of special-needs children. Twice-exceptionality is a clinical diagnosis and does not merely refer to a difference of ability between domains.

Introduction To Giftedness Of Children

A commonsense perception is that some children are brighter than others: either in one area, like a child who is exceptional at mathematics (specific giftedness), or across the board (general giftedness). Such children may be called ‘gifted’.

Parenting Gifted Children Not A Cake Walk

With the prevailing (incorrect) view that gifted children have it easy, parents of gifted children don't get much sympathy. However, as Feldman and Piirto (2002) observe, parenting a gifted child is one of the most daunting and often discouraging ...

Academic And Social Concerns Of Gifted Children

Of most concern is under-achievement, the gap between potential and performance. Gifted children are just as susceptible to under-achievement as the non-gifted—perhaps more so, since most classroom environments and curricula define limits to achie...

Identifying Potentially Gifted Children

In the first article in this series, we discussed the concept of giftedness and its components according to Joseph Renzulli’s widely-accepted three-ring model, in which giftedness is said to result from the interaction of high levels of intelligen...

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