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Is Your Child Getting Some Free Time?


Is your child scheduled for one activity after another throughout the day? Is your child’s busy day full of after-school activities adding to your stress? You bet. Most parents these days have kids who are overscheduled and hence worn out. Even parents can experience tiredness from ferrying around their kids from one activity to another. So, how do you, as a parent ensure that your child is actually enjoying her day and not drained or haggard? The key here is balance and smart selection of activities.

Overly regulated or structured days can lead to your child becoming bored. Instead of enjoying her days, she might become too fatigued to not learn anything properly. According to KidsHealth, “The key is to schedule things in moderation and choose activities with a child's age, temperament, interests, and abilities in mind.”

Kids absolutely need a respite from their heavily-scheduled days. A pause in their busy lives is something they need to work their imagination or rest their overworked mind and bodies. Experiencing burn-out and stress in childhood can also lead to social and professional problems in adult life. According to an article titled Don't over-schedule: children need downtime, written by Kathy Lynn and published in, “Kids need time for family, friends, activities, school, homework, and just relaxing. What does that mean? If you find that you never have a chance to sit down for dinner together, you barely talk to your kids except to verify scheduling plans and you have lost touch with them, you need to adjust your life.”

So, lighten up your kid’s daily routine as it can be a good thing. Let her enjoy some free time, as it would help her a lot in achieving professional success in the future.

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