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Is Your Child Faking Illness?


It starts with a headache one day. Becomes fever the next, and stomach ache afterwards. Is your child lying and feigning sickness a little too frequently?

This behaviour of can be extremely worrisome for you, naturally. But faking sickness as a way to skip school can be considered just a normal kid behaviour, until it becomes a common one. So what you can do to stop this pretence is getting to the root of the problem. An article in Huffington Post Parents advises, “Your child's feigned illness may be caused by a number of things. The desire to stay home may be linked to something minor, like just wanting to have the freedom to play all day. Conversely, not wanting to go to school could be the result of something major, like being the victim of bullying.”

But as a good and responsible parent, you must verify whether your child is sick or not, despite your suspicion that he is faking it. “Even if your child is faking it, as a parent, it is necessary for you to ensure the overall well-being of your child. To begin with, you need to figure out whether your child really is ill or not. Take him to the doctors and see what they have to say,” reads an article in Babygaga.

However, if the behaviour persists, then try making it clear to him that staying at home is not going to be as fun as he had thought. For starters, you could cut TV and play time. For more such tips on how to tackle your child’s faking illness, read the articles given in this ClipBook.


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