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Is Your Child A Loner?


“My major regret in life is that my childhood was unnecessarily lonely.” – Truman Capote

Is your child a loner? Doesn’t she have any friends at school? Is she not mingling with others easily? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to these questions, then you must be worried whether your child is developing healthy social habits.

Loneliness is a subjective state of mind. What triggers lonely feelings in one child may not in another. Every child evolves in his own way and pace.

According to “Friendships are very important when it comes to emotional health,” explains Julia Cook, a former teacher and school counselor who authored ‘Making Friends Is an ART!’

Sometimes children struggle with social anxiety because of certain events that have happened to them such as rejection by peers, bullying etc. Some kids are born with personalities and temperaments that are more prone to experiencing anxiety and depression.

Whatever the cause, loneliness definitely has its effects on children. Many studies have found that children who feel lonely also feel more depressed than their peers. Adolescents who feel lonely are emotionally less sensitive to those around them. As a parent, you can play a significant role in helping your child develop healthy social habits.

If you observe the signs of loneliness in your child and you want to help her, read this ClipBook for practical advice. If you found this ClipBook useful, please hit the ‘Like’ button.


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