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Is There A Need To Learn Parenting?

Parenting Matters, Parenting MattersParenting Matters

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of your life.

Parenting is not done on instinct. There are ways to learn parenting and it is necessary to learn parenting. With the many challenges that your child faces, it is of the essence that you are on top of issues. There is a need to talk about parenting. It causes people to think more and reflect more on their parenting skills. It also creates awareness that can lead to better parenting.

An important component of learning parenting is learning to be an active listener. It is vital in every parent–child relationship. Practicing active listening has many benefits. Parents need to deal with children without labeling them. This ensures that your child grows up to be more wholesome. Touch is an emotional engagement that furthers your child’s development.

“There may be times when we might feel our children need a gentle push (I would prefer to call it encouragement). But what if at most times we believed and trusted them a lot more. What if we redefined our role to be one not of ’pushers’ but ‘facilitators’ who help what is best in the child to come out (at its own pace!),” says

How can you handle tantrums and emotional reactions from children? Do children need to be pushed? Should you be putting expectations on them?

Raising children is not an easy job. This ClipBook can help guide you in your journey to learn parenting.

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