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Is Technology Hampering Parenting?

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Today, technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. Gadgets like TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets are now common in every household and keep us engaged in different ways. Although all these technological advancements have made our life easier, they have a dark side to them as well. Some of us become so fascinated by technology that we even start neglecting our families. Of all the family members, such an attitude affects our children the most, as they feel lonely and sidelined.

Most parents may not be doing so intentionally, but certain habits related to their technology usage does dictate their behaviour towards their children. The habit of spending more time engrossed in technology than with children can adversely impact the young minds and their development. Several studies have shown that children tend to feel unimportant when they find their parents constantly working with gadgets. Parents’ obsession with technology, when they should be playing, teaching or interacting with their children, causes resentment among children. The Telegraph, a leading UK newspaper, in an article titled ‘Smartphones are hurting our children’ highlights the problem. The article says 'Smartphones are psychologically addictive, encourage narcissistic tendencies and should come with a health warning. That was the conclusion of a recent University of Derby study which highlighted the disturbing downside to our digital obsession.'

Children require and expect undivided attention and time from their parents to fulfil their emotional needs. Not only does neglectful parenting due to technology addiction set a bad example, it also increases the dangers of children adopting similar behaviour themselves.

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