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Is Low-fat Milk Better Than Normal Milk?

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Milk is considered the complete food for children as it is full of nutrients. Did you know there are different types of milk?

More and more people are choosing to opt for skimmed milk as it is lower in fat and calories and higher in calcium than normal milk. But, is it better than normal milk?

This ClipBook tries to find out whether this is true or whether low-fat milk is really the healthier option.


All You Need To Know About Milk

Milk’s journey is a safe one. In fact, milk is one of the safest foods. There are simply lots of options so that you can enjoy a glass of milk and it's benefits. Here are a things you need to know about the milk.

Types Of Milk

There are a number of different types of milk that are available in our supermarket. The most common types being bought are skimmed milk and whole milk. Whole milk is usually recommended to be consumed by children and teenagers.

Which Milk Is Best For You?

Milk is a key part of healthy eating. A research reveals that skimmed milk isn’t necessarily the healthiest option. Yes, it’s lower in fat and calories, and higher in calcium, than whole milk.

A Complete Low-Down On Which Is Best

Milk is one of the most nutritious beverages on the planet. A research suggest that skim might not always be the healthiest option when it comes to milk. They mainly differ in their fat content. Whole milk is sometimes referred to as regular milk ...

Whole Milk May Be A Healthier Choice For Kids Than Low-Fat Or Skim

A research suggests whole milk may be the better option when giving children the dairy milk.

The Whole Truth About Whole Milk

Whole milk is considered to be a nutrient rich food. Most of today’s adults grew up drinking whole milk on a daily basis, and chances are that many still regard it as a wholesome mainstay of a balanced diet.

The Difference Between Whole Milk And Skim Milk

Milk has gotten a bad rap with the realm of certain health movements. The one major difference between whole milk and skimmed milk is the amount of milk fat that they contain. Whole milk is called as such because it contains all of the milk fat th...

Your Child Struggling With Obesity? Whole-Fat Milk Can Make Kids Leaner

Struggling to reduce obesity in your kid? Opt for whole milk. A new study shows drinking whole milk may make kids leaner and increase their vitamin D levels, in comparison to low-fat or skimmed milk.

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