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Is Avengers: Endgame Suitable For Your Kids?

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All set to enjoy the last installment of the hit franchise Avengers: Endgame? Your kids might be excited to catch their favourite superheroes in action on the big screen!

But wait! If your children are aged below 13 years, this movie may not be age-appropriate for your child, as the movie is rated as PG-13. So do you think it is alright to expose your young ones to such superhero movies? Have you considered if PG-13 movies make an impact on young, impressionable minds. 

Here is a low-down on how the film rating system assigns its rating to different movies. Also, read about the different viewpoints on this compelling subject.

You may get all your answers right here. Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to make an informed decision before stepping out to catch the movie.


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