Irresponsible Parenting

The Great Danger Of Irresponsible Parenting - Editorial

We note the concern from the police about the high number of children being poorly supervised by parents and guardians. In some cases children are being left alone at home — easy prey to temptation of every sort and potential victims of the unscr...

Bad Parenting Vs. Irresponsible Parents

According to clinical and developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind, parental responsiveness and demandingness help classify parents and their styles of child-rearing. Baumrind separates parents into four groups. Authoritarian are the controlling,...

What Are Irresponsible Parents?

Irresponsible parents may allow their children to venture into unsafe areas or homes because of the convenience of having them out of the home. Irresponsible parents also neglect their roles such as providing nutritious foods, getting kids to scho...

Irresponsible Parenting At It's Most Ridiculous!

Appalled to see the total irresponsible attitude here, and it will be the DOG that is blamed if that baby is injured. Time parents took responsibility and su...

Irresponsible Parenting Fuels Illegal Abortion

Irresponsible parenting has been identified as a major factor fueling illegal abortion among the nation’s teenage girls. Mrs. Constance Adae Wereko, a Senior Midwife at the Juansah Health Centre in the Asante-Akim North District, said many a y...

Why Are My Children Irresponsible? - Parenting

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Irresponsible Parenting

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The great danger of irresponsible parenting