Iq Memory Academy - Chennai

About Iq Memory Academy

IQ Memory Academy is an after school center which conducts conduct Abacus Classes. The Academy comprises of thirty five students and four staff members.

Other Programs And Events

We at IQ Memory Academy organise other after school activities for children like summer camp, abacus, western dance and music. We also celebrate all popular festivals along with the kids.

Infrastructure And Facilities

We have air conditioned Classrooms for our students with CCTV camera facility to ensure safe and secure environment.

Annual Day

We at IQ Memory Academy celebrated our 5th year Annual Day and organised State Level competition on July 2015. Children took part in the cultural programs and trophies and shields were distributed to State Level winners and runner-ups.

The End

Learning - Math | 5-18 yrs

Iq Memory Academy - Chennai

IQ Memory Academy, Iq Memory AcademyIQ Memory Academy
We conduct abacus classes.