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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT ( ( ))) is a computer adaptive test (CAT) intended to assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English for use in admission to a graduate management progra...

Gmat Test Content Overview

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) measures basic verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills learned in school. It does not measure job skills, knowledge of business, specific classroom content, or subjective qualities like cre...

Gmat Exam Format And Timing

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The Importance Of The Gmat Exam

The GMAT exam has been the test of choice by the world’s business leaders to get into the world’s leading business schools for one reason – it works. Hear Why Students Value the GMAT Exam Taking the GMAT exam shows schools that you're serious abou...

How Schools Use Your Scores

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the global non-profit council of business schools that administers the GMAT exam, provides published guidelines on the use of GMAT scores to all graduate business schools that accept the GMAT. Eac...

How Much Time Is Necessary To Prepare For The Gmat?

Lawrence Rudner, VP of Research and Development at GMAC, discusses helpful tips while taking the GMAT exam.

Integrated Reasoning Section

Expect four question types during the Integrated Reasoning section: graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis, and multi-source reasoning. Find out more about the Integrated Reasoning Section of the GMAT exam. Another official stu...

Analytical Writing Assessment (Awa) Section

See what an AWA question looks like on the GMAT exam, complete with directions, a question, and an actual answer. Most Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) Analysis of an Argument topics are available as a downloadable PDF. Give your writing abil...

Mastering The Gmat Verbal Section

http://www.mbapodcaster.com/ MBA Podcaster host Mia Saini gathers helpful strategies on mastering the Verbal Section of the GMAT with two GMAT gurus from ...

Mastering Gmat Math: Gmat Quant Section Review

http://www.mbapodcaster.com MBA Podcaster host Mia Saini digs up strategies on how to master the Quantitative Section on the GMAT from two MBA Podcaster ...

Gmat Problem Solving Strategy: Test Cases - Gmat

If you’re going to do a great job on the GMAT, then you’ve got to know how to Test Cases. This strategy will help you on countless quant problems. This technique is especially useful for Data Sufficiency problems, but you can also use it on some P...

Gmat Data Sufficiency Tips: A Breakdown - Business School Insider

Data Sufficiency (DS) questions are unique to the GMAT. When first encountered they are cumbersome, confusing, and generally frustrating. Admittedly, Data Sufficiency questions often remain cumbersome, confusing, and generally frustrating, but suc...

Gmat Strategy: What To Expect From A Sentence Correction Problem

Sentence Correction problems make up a third of the GMAT Verbal section, so mastering them is key to a good GMAT score! In this video, learn the structure of a ...

Gmat Tips And Strategies: Critical Reasoning Types

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Introduction To Gmat

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