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Introduction To Febrile Seizures

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Seizures are also known as convulsions or fits. This is a global phenomenon and people live with it all over the world.

There are different types of seizures: Febrile, neonatal, partial and generalized. The duration of a febrile seizure denotes what kind of seizure the person is going through. Infants can get seizures too. Awareness on what to do during a seizure, how it can be diagnosed and treated equips you to be a better parent.

Children below the age of five are most likely to have febrile seizures. High fevers can trigger seizures. There is no way to prevent these. However, lifestyle modifications have been observed to lessen the frequency of seizures.

Your child can lead a fully active life with the right medical and parental care. According to Applollo hospital’s health blog “Children usually have a normal school achievement and perform well on intellectual tests as their siblings who do not have seizures.” It is interesting to note that actors Danny Glover and Hugo Weaving, singer Susan Boyle of BGT fame and U.S. Olympic ice hockey player Chanda Gunn all live with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a widespread problem. Surgeries for epilepsy are possible now-a-days. These surgeries involve targeted surgery to remove the points that cause the seizure. Although these surgeries have proved successful, they are not explored by many.

What first aid should be provided for someone who gets a seizure? What are anti-epileptic drugs? Are there alternative medicines that can help prevent seizures? What lifestyle modifications help patients of seizure? What do doctors have to say to parents regarding seizures?

This ClipBook is loaded with the latest information that science can afford regarding seizures and epilepsy.

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Are Febrile Seizures Harmful?

Though they typically do not cause damage to the brain, they are quite frightening and dramatic for the parents who witness these. Majority of these seizures are short lasting and do not cause any long term damage.

Seizures In Children

Seizures in newborns may be very different than seizures in toddlers, school-aged children, and adolescents. Seizures, especially in a child who has never had one, can be frightening to the parent or caregiver.

What Is Epilepsy? - Symptoms & Treatment

Epilepsy is a neurological (central nervous system) disorder characterised by seizures and short periods of unusual behaviour, sensations and loss of consciousness at times, due to disruption of the nerve cell activity in the brain.

Childhood Epilepsy

Fits, faints and epilepsy are more common in childhood than any other age. Superficially they all look similar but are very different.

"Difficult To Treat Epilepsy Clinic" !

Apollo Hospitals has come forward to propagate the fact, once considered a last resort for patients with few other treatment options; surgery is now a relatively safe and common therapeutic strategy for seizure control in epilepsy patients.

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