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Introducing Exercise Routine To Children

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Introducing your kids to an exercise routine is one of the best things you can do for them. Exercise not only has physical and mental benefits but also emotional. These days kids lead a more sedentary life; so, physical activity is even more important. 

Age-appropriate exercise is the key to entice kids to take up the routine. Also, you need to know what works for your child as per her temperament and health. An hour of exercise every day is excellent for kids. But, it has to be fun; otherwise the kids won’t do it.

You can consult your child’s doctor to formulate a nice workout routine for your kid as per her age. And if this isn’t enough, motivate her by telling her that her favourite actors like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, follow a regular exercise routine!

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Why Children Need An Hour Of Exercise Every Day?

Children who get less than an hour’s exercise a day could be heading for heart disease in the future. A study shows those kids under the age of ten need at least that much exercise every day to keep hearts healthy.

Starting While They Are Young

It is no secret that children today lead more sedentary lives than their parents and grandparents did. By introducing your kids to exercise routines and showing them how fun being active is, you can make a big difference.

At What Age Should Children Start To Exercise?

Kids can and should start exercising as early as possible. The type of exercise a child will enjoy may differ depending on age, but it's important to get children active as early as possible.

Exercise Recommendations By Age Group

Regular exercise is essential for the healthy growth and development of children. Beyond physical benefits, exercise positively influences the mental, emotional and cognitive development of children.

Teaching Yoga For Children

The most important things to remember with kids' yoga is to keep it fun, keep it open and keep it simple. There are many ways to encourage the children to learn and do yoga.

Strength Training And Your Child

Strength training can help kids and teens build healthy muscles, joints, and bones. With a properly designed and supervised program, they can improve endurance, total fitness level, and sports performance.

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