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Introducing Computers To Children



Why Children Should Be Introduced To Technology Early

Familiarizing children with technology such as computers when they are young is vital to their future success. Technology provides a great outlet for young kids to spend their “downtime” since it is not as passive as watching the TV. They can util...

The Ideal Age To Teach Children To Use A Computer

In a world where we increasingly rely on computers for everyday tasks, it is important to give our children the best possible introduction to computing. But what is the best age to introduce children to computers? Read on to know more...

Young Children And Computers: Pros And Cons

Whether the only mouse your little one knows is Mickey or he's a whiz with your iPad, it's important for you to know the upsides and downsides of technology for children.

How To Introduce Your Child To Computers

There is no right or wrong time to introduce your child to the family computer. Much like deciding when to buy the first bike, or when your child can go out alone with friends, the choice will be based on your parenting style, your values and, mos...

Computers And Toddlers: How To Make It Work

The key to helping your child get the most out of computers is limiting the amount of time you spend in front of the screen and making it an experience you share. Here are a few tips from the child development experts...

Ways To Manage Your Toddler's Screen Time

Some experts think you should not introduce your toddler to computers, tablets and smartphones, as they're not beneficial for this particular age group. But, as with TV, these devices are part of our every-day life. So here are seven tips for maki...

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