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Interviews With Indian Scientists


Science and scientific methodology very important to a community. It is because of these that we can advance in our technology and thought. So, this National Science Day we have collected 6 interviews with different scientists who share their perspectives on science and its significance, especially in our country.

You can share some of these interviews and insights with your child. Perhaps she may find inspiration to pursue science through their words.

After all, to hear people so passionate about science can help us see how beautiful and amazing it is. Especially when many classrooms make science seem so daunting and drab.


Rakesh Sharma: The First Indian Astronaut

He is the first Indian to have travelled to space, where he stayed for approximately 190 hours. He has also been awarded the Ashoka Chakra amongst many other prestigious awards like Hero of the Soviet Union.

Cnr Rao: ‘Allow Children To Explore’

He is the third scientist to have been awarded the Bharat Ratna. He believes that children should be exposed to science and be allowed to explore on their own rather than the forced to memorize everything. He also thinks that science is not respec...

Dr Srimathy Kesan: The Inspiration Behind Kalamsat

If it were not for her, Rifath Sharook and his team might have never developed the KalamSAT, which became the smallest satellite ever. She is the founder of an institution that promotes science, especially space science, vehemently. Her dream is t...

Mahesh Kumar: Science Makes Our Life Possible

Despite coming from a farming family with uneducated parents, Mahesh Kumar has become a successful scientist. He says that do his parents don't always understand his research, they are still proud and supportive of him. He really likes to teach sc...

Dr Pushpa M Bhargava: Towards A Logical, Rational Generation

In this interview, the famous scientist talks about the importance of developing the scientific temper as it is mentioned in the Indian Constitution. He believes that children need to be taught the methodology of science. This is because scientifi...

Rifath Sharook: The Boy Who Developed Kalamsat

He is known for developing the smallest satellite. He said that his father, who too was a scientist, was a great inspiration for him and continues to be even though he is no more. He recalls how he and his father would perform tiny project in scie...

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