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Interesting Activities For Children To Appreciate Nature


Educating children about nature is crucial to ensure the welfare of the environment and wildlife. Activities with nature help children develop a positive attitude about the planet and the environment they live in. Here are some interesting activities like nature exploration table and bird-friendly windows for your children to try out this World Earth Day. These activities are not only fun to do but also help in conservation efforts. Go ahead and start your adventure with Mother Earth!


15 Summer Activities To Help Your Kids Appreciate Nature

What are your children doing this summer? For many of us summer time with the kids is a time to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and if you're lucky, the ocean. Activities in nature, especially when done socially with their friends, family or teac...

5 Nature Conservation Ideas That You Can Do At Home - Parentcircle

Encouraging children to spend more time outdoors and sensitising them on the importance of preserving Nature can have surprising benefits -- for them as well as the whole conservation effort. Here are some activities you can engage with your child...

Nature Exploration Trays

Our first tray is a deep-sea diver tray, complete with edible "sand." You can use a handful of wheat cereal as the sand. It has the same gritty texture as real sand, but is completely safe if your toddler decides to taste it! The tray includes sea...

Make A Mammal Footprint Tunnel

Pests like rats, stoats, hedgehogs and mice chew seedlings, nibble seeds and eat insects. Some of them also eat lizards and birds and their eggs and they'll do all this in your backyard. A simple tracking tunnel made out of milk bottles and cover...

Bug Hunting

Have you ever taken the time to observe bugs? They are amazing creatures. They fly, buzz, sting, leap, and even light up. Get your children to do an easy activity -- let them observe or take a census of the bugs in your backyard or garden.

Nature Colour Hunt

A fun activity to get the kids outside in the beautiful weather! This activity is a great opportunity to teach them about colour recognition and the variety of vibrant colours that exist in nature.

3 Activities To Teach Children To Appreciate Nature - Activity Rocket

With all the modern tech toys, tablets, games, social media sites and streaming videos, it can be difficult to get your kids to go outside. With children so removed from the nature around them, it is no wonder that more than three-quarters of adol...

6 Great Books Filled With Kid-Friendly Nature Activities

There's no better way to celebrate Earth Day with your family than by taking your kids outdoors to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. If you need a little inspiration on what to do with your kids once you've wrestled the iPad away from them and...

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