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Integrity And Your Child


“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.” – Billy Graham.

Character is the most important component of an individual’s life. It guards the reputation. Integrity is one of the pillars that holds up your child’s overall character. The foundation for integrity has to be in place in early childhood. It is the most important value or life skill that a child should learn.

The best way for your child to learn integrity is to imbibe it from you. For this, you need to be a model for your child. Without integrity your child can never be an upright citizen Furthermore, integrity paves the way for faith to develop. In all this, you are a key influence in your child’s life. Your influence can be positive or negative.

According to, “When you are instantly ready to criticize or punish when a child shares something with you that they did wrong, you are just encouraging them to either lie about things in the future, or stop telling you things altogether. Instead, you should always be sure that your children feel comfortable telling your things, even things that they know you will not want to hear.”

This ClipBook is loaded with information on how to help your child imbibe the quality of integrity. It will equip you to be a good model of integrity to your child.

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Integrity: The Parent Of Character

An upright character is an important ingredient in any person’s life. A character is the guard of your reputation and a necessity for success in any sphere of life.

Why Integrity Is An Important Value

Integrity is, in my opinion, the most important life skill to teach. It is a theme that I weave into the raising of children each and every day. What exactly is it, and how do you teach it? Read on!

How To Teach Integrity To Your Kids

To teach your kids how to harness this vital virtue, you must first ask yourself if you really believe in the importance of modeling a life of integrity that your children can follow.

10 Ways To Teach Your Children Integrity

You can’t raise a child who “turns out right” if you ignore the issue of integrity. Below are some hands-on ways to teach your children faith.

Five Signs You Lack Integrity As A Parent

We all want to see our kids become the kind of people we imagine they can become. To some degree, we want to see that in their careers, but at the most basic level, we want to see that in their character and heart. How do you do that?

7 Ways To Build Strong Character And Integrity In Children

Wondering what can you do to help your kids counter negative influences and stand up for what they know is right? The answer is to nurture a solid moral core that will guide them to stand up for their beliefs and act right without us.

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