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Instilling Number Sense In Kids

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Not all children are born with a good number sense. But it is possible to instil number sense in children by encouraging them to solve simple mathematical problems right from early childhood.

So, what is number sense?

An article in nrich.maths.org explains number sense as follows: “The term "number sense" is a relatively new one in mathematics education. It is difficult to define precisely, but broadly speaking, it refers to ‘a well organised conceptual framework of number information that enables a person to understand numbers and number relationships and to solve mathematical problems that are not bound by traditional algorithms’ (Bobis, 1996).” In simple terms, it is an instinctive feel for different numbers and their relationship with each other.

Early mathematical education is very important for developing number sense in children. Children with a good number sense can easily understand how numbers relate to each other. Children with a good understanding of numbers can arrive at a solution in more ways than one. You can also instil number sense in your children through fun activities at home. Learnnc.org explains the idea of a simple fun game that you can play with your children: “A simple game to play when you have a few minutes to fill is ‘Guess My Number’ (Bresser & Holtzman, 1999). Choose a secret number and tell children a range that your number falls within. Have children guess your number and tell them whether their guess is larger or smaller than your number.”

You can also use number charts, mathematical riddles and picture books about numbers to promote and enhance number sense in your children.

For more on this topic, you can refer to the resources in this ClipBook. 


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