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Inspirational Quotes On Creativity


“Creativity is the soul of the true scholar.” — Nnamdi Azikiwe

One of the most important qualities in a child is his creativity and how he develops it through his imagination, skills and the knowledge acquired. When he is given the freedom to express himself, his creativity combines with curiosity and leads to great accomplishments.  

Share this ClipBook with your child to inspire him and teach him the importance of always being creative.


Quotes On Creativity To Inspire All Ages

Creativity quotes can inspire us to live better, create more, and be more true to ourselves and our visions. They can also remind us to nurture our children’s creativity. Read this clip for some great quotes for when you need some creative inspira...

Famous Quotes On Creativity By Artists

Read on to know what some of the greatest artists, writers and philosophers have said about creativity and how to encourage creative expression in your child.

Quotes About Creativity, Inspiration, Imagination, And Innovation

Human creativity drives us forward as a species. It’s this unique ability to harness thoughts and ideas that has produced everything from the first sharpened stick, to the wheel, to the space shuttle, to the micro processor. It’s this innovation ...

Inspirational Quotes On Art By Famous Artists

Art quotes are about the experiences of artists and thoughts on art. They encourage, motivate, inspire, uplift, and stimulate creativity. Read to know about what great artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, and L...

Great Quotes On Creative Writing

Writing is about thinking and about sifting through the thoughts of others in search of that elusive something that will trigger our own ability to articulate the truth as we see and imagine it. So, if you are here as a reader, welcome! But if yo...

Famous And Inspirational Quotes About Music And Musicians

If your child is most affected and inspired by music, then you might just be raising a musical superstar. Here are some quotes to inspire your child and help him find his way to a successful career in music.

Inspirational Quotes About Dancing

Dance is one form of expression that is not only an outlet for creativity but it also gets you some great exercise. If your child likes to move to music and has a sense of rhythm, share with her these inspiring quotes on dance that will surely ge...

Great Quotes About Acting From Hollywood Greats

Read these inspirational quotes from Hollywood greats like Leonardo Di Caprio to Katherine Hepburn that will surely motivate your child to take to the stage.

Most Famous Quotes On Photogrpahy

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” - Destin Sparks One doesn’t have to look far to find an inspirational quote about photography. Here are some photography quotes from famous people like Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol, and even Abrah...

Quotes On Creativity That Will Inspire You To Think Outside The Box

Creativity is a much-neglected concept when talking about business success, or even success in general. But it shouldn’t be. Creativity makes you unique, allowing you to tap into so many unexplored areas of your subconscious, far away from societa...

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