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Innovations And Trends In Curriculum


Education must constantly evolve and grow to meet the ever-changing needs of society. Thus, it becomes necessary to periodically change the trend of education. You can read on to know more about the latest innovations and trends in the curriculum.

According to KQED, a US-based virtual channel, the three trends to watch out for in the curriculum are – digital delivery, interest-driven and Skills 2.0.

Digital delivery enables anyone who wants to learn to go online and find the latest information from different sources; for example, Khan Academy, which provides a collection of thousands of YouTube videos that teach everything from calculus to the French Revolution. The idea of Interest-driven, is to first understand the student’s interests and then create a curriculum to suit his requirements. Skills 2.0, promotes values like collaboration, innovation, critical thinking and communication as much importance as the history of USA.

Several school curriculums now reflect these latest trends in education. They teach practical skills that can be useful in the real world. For example, boosting brain power and improving multitasking skills through learning how to create video games. The idea is that the process of learning that skill can also be put to use in everyday life. Learning on our own and learning from those with whom we share our passion for a subject is also an aspect of the latest trends in education.

An article in EdTechReview, “How curriculum for 21st century must look like?” offers an interesting view. According to the article, the 21st century curriculum should have many educational technologies that will help students become more creative than before. It also calls for the inclusion and implementation of aspects like research and enquiry, creativity and innovation, use of technology and moral leadership in the curriculum.

The former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had stated the need for the right type of education, or, in other words, creative education. It is the most important thing that a country needs to position itself on top of the Innovation Index.

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