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Inferiority Complex In Kids


Inferiority complex is a common behavioural issue. If you find your child struggling with poor self expression or a low self image, this could be due to her lesser opinion of herself. “Believe you can and you're halfway there,” is a famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt. How true! Belief in oneself can solve many problems and this is a great tool to teach your child. Self-confidence can help your child overcome her feelings of inadequacy.

There are many signs that may indicate your child has developed an inferiority complex such as that may result in poor self-esteem, isolation, low participation in class, poor performance, etc. If you notice your child’s anguish due to her feelings of mediocrity, you must address it immediately. Not only can this psychological problem affect her childhood, a failure to address it can also cause your child to struggle in her personal and/or professional life as an adult. You must also realise that there is a difference between feeling inferior and inferiority complex. According to an article titled How to overcome inferiority complex in children, written by Sangeetha Sanjay and published in, “Inferior feeling can get healed whenever and however one wishes to. But inferiority complex on the other hand may actually cause a severe damage and failure in anyone's life.”

There can be many different causes for developing an inferiority complex such as constant criticism, regular comparison with a sibling etc. Therefore, it is important to first identify the reason for your child’s inferiority complex and then address it – whether at home through parental guidance or with the help of a therapist or a counsellor.

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What Is An Inferiority Complex?

An inferiority complex is a mostly unconscious sense of inadequacy which can manifest in strange ways as someone attempts to compensate for it. People with this type of feeling believe that they are not as worthy or skilled as their peers.

What Causes Feelings Of Inferiority?

Not every child who is different than others develops an inferiority complex. However, if the child was made to believe that his difference made him less worthy, then he might develop inferiority feelings.

Does Inferiority Complex Bother Your Child?

In general, inferiority complex develops if we give more consideration to our negatives than our positives. Children suffering from an inferiority complex isolate themselves from others and become preoccupied with their feelings of inferiority.

How To Overcome Inferiority Complex In Children

This article helps you to understand all that any parents should know about the inferiority complex and ways by which they can help their child overcome it.

Inferiority Complex Between Siblings

An inferiority complex is nowadays very much seen in children when a younger sibling is born. As that born baby is small, he/she needs more attention as compared to the older one. The unintentional rejection by parents leads to a feeling of inferi...

Overcoming An Inferiority Complex Caused By Childhood Trauma

If an individual has developed an inferiority complex as a result of a difficult and traumatic childhood, such a person is also at an elevated risk of developing a depressive illness.

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