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Inequalities Faced By Children

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Education Is Changing, But Inequality Is Not

The system becomes fairer when the disadvantaged students gain access to the places, enjoyed by the privileged class. The recent massive growth in higher education is often justified on this basis. Many take comfort in thinking that educational ex...

Children Of Less Educated Parents Face Inequality

Preschool children in the US on average receive about 1,000 more hours of vital care if their parents have a college education. This inequality occurs during the first four years of their lives – the most critical period for children’s development...

Parents' Experience Of Discrimination Affects Child Self-Esteem

A study that surveyed Mexican and Mexican-American adolescents along with one of their parents found a correlation between parents’ experience of discrimination (such as suffering a racial insult or being excluded from an activity) and feelings of...

Improve Outcomes & Equality Through Universal Preschool Education

US experience shows that differences in academic performance, between those who received preschool education and those who did not, gradually fade out later in students’ school careers.

Reduce Inequality Through Family Stability & Parental Investment

Today’s increased relationship instability for the poor – relative to the well-off – is an extra burden for their children, an additional limitation on their access to income, social capital and time with their birth parents.

Tackle Inequality Through Income Supplements For Parents

How important is it that your mother avoided poverty during pregnancy and during the first few years after you were born? The answer is that what happened in these early years can prove life-determining.

Sustainance Of The Belief In Gender Equality

A research, led by Gayle Kaufman at Davidson College in USA, looked at a sample of 1,800 people and observed how their attitudes towards gender equality changed between 2003 and 2009. They asked about equality in three areas: work, household and u...

Tackling Neighbourhood Inequalities

Research shows that disadvantages experienced over time, linger to affect the opportunities of family members over various generations. Children’s life chances are affected not just by their current circumstances, but by the experiences of their p...

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