India's New Oscar Hero

Cottalango Leon During His Acceptance Speech At The Awards

Cottalango Leon, along with Robert Ray and Sam Richards, representing Sony Pictures Imageworks, won the Technical Achievement award for the design, engineering and continuous development of a digital 3D film review software called itView.

Oscar Winner Cottalango Leon On Parenting

The 88th Academy Awards, announced just the other day, had something special for India. Cottalango Leon, a 44-year-old technician, who hails from Coimbatore, won the Oscar Award for scientific and technical excellence. In an exclusive conversation...

Mr. Cottalango An Alumnus Of Psg College Of Technology Gets An Oscar

Mr. Cottalango(1992 BE-CSE), an Alumnus of PSG College of Technology getting Award from OSCAR Academy. This award is given to technical achievements that the oscar academy considers as having made important contributions to the process of movie ma...

Indian-Origin Technician Cottalango Leon Wins Oscar

Indian-Origin Technician Cottalango Leon Wins Oscar

Indian-Origin Technician Cottalango Leon Wins Oscar

The 44-year-old technician of Indian roots Cottalango Leon has been chosen for this year's Oscar for scientific and technical achievement.

Indian Wins Oscar For Science And Technology

Cottalango Leon from Tamil Nadu has won the Academy Award for Science and Technology. The principal software engineer at Sony Pictures Imageworks will receive it on February 13. Born in Tuticorin and brought up in Coimbatore, this PSG College of T...

Cottalango Leon With His Family

Until I got married, I was not very socially active, especially since my close friends from school/college were not living nearby and I was too deeply engrossed in my work. After marriage, and especially after our daughter Shruthi was born, we nat...

Cottalango Leon, Another Indian-Origin Technician, Wins Oscar

Cottalango Leon has won the Oscar under the same category "for the design, engineering and continuous development of Sony Pictures Imageworks Itview," as mentioned on the official website of the Academy Awards. Along with him, J Robert Ray and Sam...

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India's New Oscar Hero

Another Indian has made us proud by winning an Oscar, this time, a technical award. Take a look at what Cottalango Leon has achieved.