Indian States To Sterilize Stray Dogs

India Dog Cull Causes Controversy And Heartache - Bbc News

A growing stray dog problem in India's southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu has inspired extreme measures - and tragic results.

Sterilisation, Vaccination Of Stray Dogs Can’T Be Impeded: Sc

Taking a serious note of the menace of stray dogs and threat of dog bites, the Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the concerned authorities of all states to carry out the sterilisation and vaccination of dogs wherever required. “We direct that th...

Wsd Activities :: Mass Sterilisation

This programme is carried out at the kennels provided by the municipal corporation of Mumbai.

Vaccinate And Sterilise Stray Dogs In Thailand

Nearly all the dogs have fleas and ticks and many have worms and other illnesses and injuries including malnutrition.

The “Pill” For Strays: Nonsurgical Sterilzation

Last year, when the animal welfare group, All Sato Rescue, Inc., held a low-cost spay/ neuter clinic in Pinones, P.R., it took 10 weeks of planning and fundraising, a dozen volunteers, $1,750 in donations, and about 60 secondhand towels and sheets...

Sterilise Stray Dogs In Delhi, Says Sc

In an order set to provide relief to the Capital, which is facing acute stray dog menace, the Supreme Court on Wednesday directed Delhi and all states to sterilize and vaccinate them under the supervision of Animal Welfare Board of India for contr...

Too Many Dogs: A Simple Solution

Dog overpopulation has been a problem on the reservation. In years past, population control consisted of rounding up strays and shooting them.

Sc Asks States To Sterilise, Vaccinate Stray Dogs As Per Law

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the states and the civic bodies to take steps to sterilise and vaccinate nuisance-causing stray dogs under the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Take Action To Sterilise Stray Dogs: Hc

The High Court on Monday asked the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to initiate appropriate steps for sterilising stray dogs in the city.

Benefits Of Sterilisation

we were alerted to an urgent situation of a mother dog and her puppies staying inside a drain at the moat. Tam and her puppies were in danger of drowning if they were not rescued immediately.

Decline In Human Dog-Bite Cases During A Street Dog Sterilisation Programme In Jaipur, India.

Human dog-bite injuries are a major public health problem, particularly where there are large populations of free-roaming or street dogs.

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Indian States To Sterilize Stray Dogs

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Supreme Court asks States to sterilise, vaccinate stray dogs as per law.