Indian Folk Dances

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India is credited for being the source of various folk dance forms. Read further to know about Indian folk dances.

Most Famous Traditional Folk Dances Of Indian States

The famous Folk Dances of Indian states includes Ras Leela ,ghoomer,garba and raut nacha.

Folk Dances Of India - Indian Folk Dances - Indian Folk Dance Forms - Indian Folk Dance Types

In this section of folk dances of India, we are highlighting various Indian folk dances, Indian folk dance forms and different folk dance types in India.

7 Folk Indian Dances You Should Know

This article is written on the occasion of world dance day to inform readers about India's 7 folk dance forms that one should know. It includes folk dances such as Bihu(Assam), Raas(Gujarat), Yakshagana(Karnataka), Dumhal(Kashmir), Jawara(Madhya P...

Popular Indian Dance Forms - Classical And Folk Dance Forms

The melting pot of cultural India offers more than 15 different dance forms. No other culture can boast of so many different dance forms as India. Classical and folk dances of India According to the Sangeet Natak Academy, which is the governing bo...

"Traditional, Classical And Folk Dances Of India"

The classical dance forms which have developed, have set rules that have been followed traditionally over the years. On the basic model, various gurus incorporate their own imaginative innovations, leading to various schools within a particular da...

Folk Dances Various State In India

Folk Dances Various State in India Punjab, Assam, Meghalaya, Haryana, Kashmir, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pardesh, up, Manipur.

Indian Folk Dance

Alyssa, Shreya and Srihita performed at ICS MILAP 2013. Choreographed by Alyssa and Shreya.

Folk Dances - Art & Culture - Kerala - States And Union Territories - Know India: National Portal Of India

This section introduces you to the various States/UTs in the Country and urges you to explore their magnificent uniqueness.

Folk Dances Of Western India | Dances Of India | Rangashree

Named for the , or votive lamp , featured in this dance, the is hugely popular in Gujarat. is nothing but a singular form of the name . It is performed in honor of the Mother Divine, the goddess or , revered in Gujarat as or . The lamp symbolizes ...

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Indian Folk Dances

Yeshwanthraj SaravananYeshwanthraj Saravanan
The cultural diversity and rich traditional pattern of Indian society is reflected through variety of Indian folk dances