Indian Education System

Education System In India- Features And Drawbacks

In this article we will put some light on the current education system of India. Our country India has always been famous for gaining education since the Vedic period.

Hacking Into The Indian Education System | Debarghya Das

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Eye opening video about the Indian education system.

How Do We Better Our Education System?

Video on how to make India's education system better

The Big Debate: Foreign Vs Indian Education

How and why do students choose a foreign university over one in India? Does one really score over another? Students debate the merits of both

3 Idiots - A Sentiment Who's Time Has Come

Is our Indian education system good enough to encourage talented students? Does our Indian education system require modification?

Indian Education System

Lots of students have fallen pray to the education system in India.

Problems And Challenges Faced By Indian Education System

Every year, new schools and colleges are being opened in almost all cities in India, but the quality education is still a long awaited dream for millions of Indian students.

Is Indian Education Good (Yes) Or Bad (No)?

Education has been a problem in our country and lack of it has been blamed for all sorts of evil for hundreds of years.

The Advantages Of The Indian Education System

Indian education system's advantages as seen by people on the web

8 Flaws In The Indian Education System You Didn't Know

“You will successful in life only if you get good marks in your exams.” We hear this crap all the time from our parents, teachers and other fellow students. Indian education system is renowned around the world yet many people admire the western ed...

Indian Education System: What Needs To Change?

What do we need to change about the Indian Education System? Even Rabindranath Tagore wrote lengthy articles about how Indian education system needs to change.

Our Education System Is Only Focused On Exams.

What is wrong with the education system we follow today in the country? The general education system is focused only on examinations rather than training students for the future and really testing their knowledge.

What Are Your Views On Caste Based Reservation System In India?

People from the web talk about caste based reservation system in India

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Indian Education System

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