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Inculcating Clean Habits Among Children


Whoever said “hygiene is two-thirds of health” was right!

Babies aren’t born with the knowledge of how to keep clean. Hygiene, like every other habit, has to be learnt, and it has to be learnt at an early age. So, lose no time in teaching your child cleanliness.

Teaching your child hygiene is not a complicated mission. Hygiene is all about keeping oneself and one’s surroundings clean. The way to make a habit into a lifestyle is to practice it regularly. This will help them live hygienic and thereby healthy lives as adults.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers tend to make mess and leave their surroundings untidy. However, as they grow older parents can teach them to keep their rooms neat and clean. The children become responsible for their surroundings. It is also very important for the parents to teach children to respect their environment and others who live in it.

We keep hearing about strange and hybrid strains of common and uncommon illnesses. One way to keep these diseases at bay is to have your children wash their hands properly. Teach them how to wash their hands properly and how often they need to do it. Similarly, brushing teeth properly helps prevent cavities and other tooth and gum problems. According to childrensnational.org, Dr. Erik M. Scheifele, oral health specialist, has this to say: “Children with healthy teeth and gums have a healthy smile, which can help with their psychological growth as well.”

You are probably asking yourself what hygiene habits to teach your children, whether there are tools like videos and games to help you with these lessons, what your children need to know about keeping the toilet clean, which is the best way to teach these to your preschooler and more.

Well, you’ll find all the answers here in this ClipBook. It is packed with all the information you need.

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The Importance Of Hygiene

Hygiene is a habit that needs to be focused on and inculcated in at an early age. And it need not be restricted to our bodies alone; it needs to be maintained in our surroundings as well. Let's see how we can go about this.

Have You Made Your Child Cleanliness-Conscious?

Teach your children to be respectful of other people and their surroundings by inculcating a habit of cleanliness from a young age.

Instilling Healthy Dental Hygiene Habits In Kids

The healthy dental hygiene habits can help prevent cavities and gingivitis, and reduce bad breath. Children with healthy teeth and gums have a healthy smile, which can help with their psychological growth as well.

Teaching Hand Washing To Preschoolers

Are kids washing hands correctly? What about people in general? Does your preschooler even know how to really wash their hands the right way? It seems like such a basic task, but even the most basic things need to be taught at some point.

Games That Teach Kids About Hygiene

Kids can sometimes be careless when it comes to personal hygiene. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes the importance of good hygiene, especially during cold and flu season, when sickness can be passed around because of unwas...

Personal Hygiene For Kids: Tips, Activities And Facts

We are surrounded by microbes that affect us in various ways and varying degrees. Maintaining personal hygiene is of utmost importance for children and needs to be approached with the right teaching tools and methods.

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