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Inclusive Education Is The Way

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Why Inclusive Education Is A Good Idea

Children with disabilities are often ostracized from their peers. Inclusion in the classroom helps prevent this from happening.

"My Son Belongs In Your Class"

This mother has just one point to make - her four-year-old deserves a chance at a diploma and full life. So does every other child with special needs.

In India, High Percentage Of Kids With Disabilities Still Out Of School

India has been able to decrease its number of out-of-school children by nearly 16 million between 2000 and 2012, driving the progress in South Asia, but it still has 1.4 million children not attending primary school, a United Nations report said.

1 In 4 Special Needs Children In Tamil Nadu Don’T Attend School

While Tamil Nadu takes pride in the fact that 99.4% of its children between the age of six and 13 are in schools, the state seems to have forgotten about children with special needs. According to a national-level survey, one in four children with ...

How Classrooms Are Becoming Inclusive

How often are the issues of special needs students highlighted? The need of the hour is to identify and mainstream these students to ensure independence and a safer tomorrow.

Why Has The Inclusive Approach Not Been Successful So Far

Inclusive education is the need of the hour. It helps build friendships and inculcate mutual respect and understanding. This article investigates why inclusive education is not successful in India and what is the way forward

What Challenges Do Teachers Face With This Approach?

A study by the Human Development College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan, conducted in 2013 throws some light on the challenges faced by teachers regarding inclusive education.

'It Doesn’T Always Work', Says Teacher

If inclusion requires a child to be excluded from the same experiences and boundaries as everyone else just to remain on the premises, then it’s not inclusion., believes this teacher.

Inclusive Education Is No Quick Solution

Quick fixes would not solve the problem. The Government should take a closer look at how to improve these capabilities before applying pressure on mainstream educational providers to accept special needs children, says this writer

Cbse To Form Panel To Promote Inclusive Education

Amid concerns that various provisions for children with special needs are being misinterpreted, CBSE has directed all affiliated schools to form a 'School Inclusion Committee' to address the issues.

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