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Important Women Lawyers Your Child Should Know About


From Cornelia Sorabji, the first woman advocate in India, to Indu Malhotra, the first female judge to be directly appointed as a Supreme Court judge, women lawyers have made great impact in the field of law and have been great role models to girls wanting to pursue a career in this field.

If your daughter is interested in law and inspired by some of these women, share this ClipBook with her to show that behind every great story lies determination, hard work and a passion to make the dream a reality.


Top 7 Inspirational Female Lawyers In India

“People who make a large positive impact in the world, who have the “real goods” to inspire others do things differently than others”. Most of you might have heard this quote somewhere down the line. But have you ever wondered what inspired them w...

Indu Malhotra Will Be First Woman Lawyer Directly Appointed As Supreme Court Judge

Senior lawyer Indu Malhotra will be the first woman lawyer to be directly appointed as a Supreme Court judge. The law ministry has okayed the recommendation of the Supreme Court's collegium to appoint the senior lawyer to the bench but has decided...

How One Female Lawyer In India Is Fighting For Women’S Basic Rights

“I’m a great believer in deliberative democracy; where you speak, but you also listen. You come through the other side with differences intact, but you also come through together in important ways.” Those are the words of Karuna Nundy, a Supreme C...

9 Women Who Have Become 'Super Advocates' In India

Here are some superwomen from the legal profession who made a remarkable name for themselves. These women lawyers managed to rise despite all odds and little support.

Famous Female Attorneys Around The World

Here's a list of women lawyers from around the world who made a great impact through their legal profession. The list also includes Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

11 Incredible Women In Law Promoting Social Justice For All

While activists and leaders of social movements create conversations and awareness, it's the work of politicians, lawyers and judges that reinforces those efforts in courts of law. But it's still largely a male-dominated field. Women go to law sc...

Skills Required To Become A Lawyer

On a lazy Sunday morning, Swathi (name changed) is keen on visiting her grandparents. But, Sameera (Swathi's mom) is so caught up with household chores that she declines the request with a promise to make it happen the week after. A persistent Swa...

Alternative Career Options In Law

A career in Medicine or Engineering has long been considered to be the two main professional streams in India. However, in recent years, a career in law has become a popular choice. With premier national law universities and a number of private la...

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