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Important Indian Documents For Your Growing Child


School and college admissions, bank accounts, investments, travelling abroad and so on, your child's life has just begun and there are a number of things he will do as he grows up. And to help with all of this, he will need a number of Indian documents.

Nowadays the need for ID proofs are such that when you pay huge hotel bills, you should verify the same with a PAN card. And when you are appearing for your board exams, Gujarat has made it mandatory to produce an Aadhaar card. Also, even when you have to use road transport, it is compulsory that you have a driver's license. So, yes, IDs are important!

Go on and read the below clips to know what are the documents and IDs mandatory for your child.


Important Documents That Your Child Requires

There are some basic documents that one should obtain by the time the baby grows as they are required for various purposes. While some are received before 18, some need children to be 18 years old.

Pan Card

PAN card is basically the tax identity of the nation. It tracks all your financial transactions and prevents you from tax evasion. It holds a unique 10-digit alphanumeric Permanent Account Number by the Income-tax Department.

Voter Id/Election Card

EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card) or voter's ID is a photo identity card made by the Election Commission of India. This card is issued to all citizens above 18 years of age giving an eligibility to vote.

Driving Licence

Although your child has learnt to ride or drive before he turned 18, legal eligibility to ride or drive is the Driving license. A driving test is conducted before the issuance of the card. An Indian driving license also makes you eligible to drive...

Aadhaar Card

The Aadhaar card is your go-to universal identity in India. Every individual carries only one unique number and this is supposed to reduce corruption.

Savings Bank Account

Savings accounts are one of the simplest and the most widely availed services offered by banks. The government of India made it simpler for people to open savings accounts

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojan

A social security scheme of the government, PMSBY aims to provide insurance coverage to individuals in cases of accidents leading to death or disability. Although you have yourself covered under your parent's insurance this is also a great way to ...

Ppf Account

PPF is a suitable alternative for allotting debt part of one's portfolio. It is a savings and tax saving instrument of India started by National Savings Institute of the Ministry of Finance back in 1968.

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