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Importance Of Storytelling For Children



The Art Of Storytelling

Storytelling is actually considered to be an art and it is only a matter of time before parents master this interesting art. But the fact is that the art of storytelling is not so easy to learn. A lot of imagination and creativity goes into the be...

Storytelling For Children

From babyhood to the early teens, children love to hear a good story. Without the use of books, telling stories takes on a different dimension. It offers a new way of looking at stories and is reminiscent of the old radio days when families gather...

Importance Of Storytelling For Children

We have grown up on stories narrated to us by our grandparents, parents, and other elders in the family. They taught us about the good and bad and also had a hand in making us the people we are as grown ups. However, now, with technology invading ...

10 Benefits Of Storytelling For Kids

As responsible parents, how often do you indulge in storytelling with your children? The answer, these days, may be rarely or never.

What Kids Learn From Hearing Family Stories

Most parents know about the benefits of reading stories from books with their young children. Reading books with children on a daily basis advances their language skills, extends their learning about the world, and helps their own reading later in...

Storytelling Activities Enrich And Engages Children's Minds

Here are some activities to do with children that can be lots of fun and deepen and extend their experiences of the stories you tell them. Some of the ideas are suitable for all ages while others are better suited to older children. You might like...

Storytelling Can Help Your Children Sleep Better

Making children go to bed early can be a challenge for many parents, who know that a productive day at school begins with a good night’s sleep. One of the easiest and funniest ways to make children want to go to bed is by rewarding them with a bed...

Scary Stories: Are They Good For Your Child?

Many kids love reading and telling scary stories, a fact best illustrated by the overwhelming popularity of the chilling s series. But are frightening tales a good idea for children? The answer is a resounding “yes,” but with definite conditions.

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