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Importance Of Protein In Children's Diet


Children need adequate amount of proteins for good health. Proteins are essential for the development of both the brain and the body, and for the maintenance of structures such as bones, muscles and skin. As childhood is a phase of growth and development, the protein requirement of children are significantly higher than that of adults. So, it is important for parents to ensure that their children get enough proteins every day.

The most important source of proteins is food. Foods that contain proteins include fish, meat, poultry, legumes, soy, nuts and dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, and milk. Proteins gained from food sources are divided into two categories: complete proteins, which supply us with all the amino acids, and incomplete proteins, which provide us with some of the amino acids.

However, as an old proverb says, ‘Excess of anything is bad’. Parents must also be aware that concerns are being raised about the long-term consequences of too much protein in the diet. According to an article titled ‘Is Your Child Eating Too Much Protein?’ written by Jenna Helwig, ‘While we still don't have lots of good research regarding the excess protein issue, a few studies came to a similar conclusion: There seems to be a link between high dietary protein in the first 24 months of life and a higher risk of being overweight or obese later in life.’

A balanced diet containing the recommended amount of proteins is best of providing children with the right amount of proteins.

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